How to optimise your acrylic swimming pool window

How to optimise your acrylic swimming pool window

Acrylic is the perfect material when it comes to adding a feature to a swimming pool design. It can be used in a number of ways to achieve different types of swimming pool window options. Design options, such as, curves, L-Shapes, wet edges, U-Shapes, pool walls and infinity panels are all very impressive.
The project budget may determine the type and size of the panel achievable as PLEXIGLAS® acrylic is a premium product made to the highest quality and standards. We can assist you with adjusting your design to help find a solution suited to your needs and objectives.

Here are some of the fundamental factors that directly impact on the acrylic pool window costs:

Acrylic pricing factors
• Acrylic is priced by weight
• Thickness is directly related to the panel height and water depth
• Standard sheet size (8300 x 3100 mm) should be considered
• Installation includes manual labour, waterproofing and setting material costs that are calculated based on the size of the panel

With the above knowledge on the impacting factors, understanding acrylic optimisation becomes a whole lot easier. The further expand on how to reduce the acrylic cost we have some more points below:

Optimising acrylic to reduce cost
• Adjusting measurements even slightly can reduce thickness significantly
• Off-cut panels can be a great option as they are sold at a reduced per kilo price
• By considering the standard sheet sizes, the number of bonds can be reduced
• A four-sided window is typically thinner and more cost effective compared to a three-sided window specified at the same length and height
• Reducing measurements cuts costs on acrylic panel as well as installation

Example of thickness reduction

Acrylic Window 3-Sided

Three Sided Support – 50mm

Acrylic Window 4-Sided

Four Sided Support – 30mm

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