Acrylic is a unique material that offers excellent optical clarity and unlike glass, acrylic can be transformed into a number of different pool window options. Our highly trained team understands the complexities of working with cast block acrylic by providing a full range thermoforming, bonding and annealing options to create unique swimming pool windows and features. By having a large temperature controlled oven, lifting equipment and skilled staff we can transform panels locally in our Queensland factory and do not have to outsource this work.


Unlike conventional gluing of panels which just uses a surface glue, bonding is a process of altering the chemical structure of the acrylic, using a bonding agent and then temperature controlling the reaction speed and time. This process ensures that the bond line is as strong as the rest of the acrylic panel and is not a weak spot that occurs when using conventional gluing techniques only.



Thermoforming is a method used to transform flat acrylic sheets into curved panels, along with other interesting shapes. The process involves heating the acrylic so that it becomes pliable and can be formed into the shape desired.



Annealing acrylic is the process of slowly heating and cooling an acrylic panel to relieve internal stress on the panel and resetting internal chemical bonding structure. This process ensures that the entire panel is structurally sound. This process is typically used in conjunction when undertaking a chemical bond.

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